“Shannon is a deep-hearted, loving coach. She supports me in organizing my thoughts and life situations. She uses powerful tools and asks me open questions to explore, which leads me to see things from different perspectives. This brings more clarity and it’s easier to understand, feel differently and make decisions. I always feel relaxed and calm, every problem or challenge is welcome.” – Anne Maren M. Norway

“Shannon is masterful at helping people through transitions and assisting them in coming up with their own creative solutions to their everyday challenges. She brings a unique combination of open-hearted compassion, deep listening and clear, calming insights to her coaching (and, added bonus, shares her amazing organisational skills if required), thereby enabling her clients to live easier, more fulfilling lives.” – Gina C. France

Do you have a goal or a dream? Shannon will help you to achieve it.

Shannon has helped me to explore my potential, options, and possibilities, private and professional. She has gently and skillfully guided me to plan and imagine my future and take profound steps towards it. It’s been a pleasure to „dream and scheme” with Shannon, and to laugh together.

I will always be grateful to you, Shannon, for our sessions together. You have made this change and growth possible. After our sessions I feel I can fly. – Johanna L. Finland

It’s not easy to find a coach that is not only deeply dedicated to her clients, but also to her own growth. In Shannon, you found it. As a client, I love how she’s always up-to-date with the latest research and discoveries. She’s never afraid to try something new! – Rosa P. Spain

Shannon helped me prioritize what was most important to me and to sort out how to balance my passion projects with my day-to-day responsibilities. She provided an amazingly helpful mix of visualization exercises to help me imagine possibilities for my life along with practical advice such as scheduling tools. She offered the accountability and support I needed to move forward with both my personal and career goals.

Shannon’s also a wonderful, empathetic listener, who knows when to step in with just the right questions and suggestions to keep things on track. I looked forward to our chats each week, and always left each session feeling positive and hopeful for what I could accomplish – as well as so much more organized! – Liz H. Germany/United States

“I worked with Shannon during a challenging expat transition as I was preparing to move from one country to the next during constantly changing Covid-era circumstances.

Shannon asked thoughtful questions that helped me balance logistics with emotions and find a clear path through the complexity. Moreover, she brought wisdom, insight, and humour to our conversations which helped alleviate my stress and also de-clutter (both my brain and my home!).

Shannon gave me new frameworks to think about not just the “how” of the move but also the why as well as ways to find calm and even fun in the experience.” – Sarah M. Portugal

“Shannon is a great listener and I felt very comfortable speaking to her candidly and openly. We had productive sessions where she helped me work through some struggles I had been recently feeling both personally and in my career. I highly recommend Shannon if you are looking for someone to help you grow in your personal and/or professional life.” – Tina H. United States

“Shannon is incredibly warm and authentic and a master at holding space for what comes up. She knows to pause, be quiet and take time. Coaching with Shannon very much felt like a conversation with one another discovering new layers of myself as opposed to being suggested specific strategies.

Shannon was always warm, with a potential to smile, laugh or cry and/or open up new possibilities or shift the way to look at an aspect of life. She coaches with poise and great professionalism.” – Uli U. Germany

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