Shannon works with women whose lives could be improved through unapologetic self examination and dedicated action.

As an ICF & Wayfinder Certified Life Coach, Finance MBA, Classical Yoga Teacher, Certified Project Manager and generally curious human, Shannon can help you find calm, order and opportunities in your current situation.

Perhaps you want to change something that isn’t really working for you any more.

Perhaps you find yourself facing a new challenge, whether by choice or unexpectedly, and could use support.

Or maybe you could use some help through a life transition and not only want to sort out the many details, but also face all of those tough feelings lurking in the background.

By asking powerful questions, Shannon partners with clients as they discover their own truths.

How Shannon Can Help


By identifying and exploring negative thought patterns and related feelings, you’ll discover ways to allow for more space as you respond to your circumstances.

By changing your thoughts, you can change our life.


Not only can Shannon talk nuts and bolts planning around an upcoming or recent transition, but more importantly, she can help you explore your thoughts and feelings around each circumstance.

As a current Expat living in Berlin, Shannon understand big moves and is here for you.

Living Space

Your living and work spaces can tell you a lot about what’s going on inside. Shannon can work with you to be more intentional with your surroundings, which may help you live with more ease.

As a self-proclaimed Minimalist since 2007, Shannon believes that Outer Order can lead to Inner Calm.


Not quite sure where your money is going? Have medium to long term dreams you aren’t quite sure how to reach? Shannon can help you explore your overall cash flow picture to allow for clarity when making small and large financial decisions.

Shannon encourages clients to leverage her MBA in Finance and decades of experience with personal budgeting.


Do you dread the upcoming week on Sundays? Are you inundated with calendar items that don’t feel that great? Are you saying yes when you really mean no? By looking at your schedule and noticing what feels in alignment with your values, Shannon can help you reverse the tide of regret and live in a way that supports your true nature.

Values Assessment

Behind every decision we make, whether conscious or subconscious, lies underlying values. Shannon works with each client, using various tools, to help identify what is most important to them. With these values in mind, she can support your decisions so that they better guide you towards your true path.


What Is A Wayfinder?

By the time I pursued my Life Coaching Certification, I had been “shopping” several programs over the course of a few years. They all sounded exciting, but none really resonated. Something in my body kept me from submitting my application. That was until I learned about Wayfinder Life Coach Training with Martha Beck. I had…

Life Coaching is…

For those of you who wonder what Life Coaching is, here’s an explanation (see below) offered by my teacher, Martha Beck. I like to think that I’m here for my clients to explore how their life could be better. Perhaps by talking through a recent frustration and coming away with small actionable steps in order…

2022: My Year of Doing LESS

Dear Reader, I hope you are enjoying this time of year as we are given the chance to pause, to rest, to reflect, and to enjoy the company of others. Earlier this month, I was quite sick with COVID-19. What I didn’t expect was to be so weak and unable to do much of anything…

What People Are Saying

Shannon is masterful at helping people through transitions and assisting them in coming up with their own creative solutions to their everyday challenges.

Gina C.

After our sessions I feel I can fly.

Johanna L.

Shannon’s also a wonderful, empathetic listener, who knows when to step in with just the right questions to keep things on track. 

Liz H.

Shannon asked thoughtful questions that helped me balance logistics with emotions and find a clear path through the complexity.

Sarah M.

Shannon is incredibly warm and authentic and a master at holding space for what comes up

Uli U.

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