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Feel like you’re being stretched by a new challenge and could use some help?

New to coaching and not sure you’re ready for a bigger commitment?

Let’s be honest, it can seem scary to trust your hopes and fears to someone else.

That’s why I’m offering this min-package (one 60-minute session, followed by four 30-minute sessions) for those who either have something specific they need to talk through or who want some accountability to work towards a particular goal.

I get it.


Using five sixty-minute sessions, we‘ll take baby steps (and then bigger leaps) toward personal freedom and fulfillment, as you define it.

Start to learn how to lean in and get energized by defining and moving toward what brings you meaning. While doing LESS of what doesn’t.


Ready to realign with your Values to move toward the life of your dreams?

We’ll spend ten sixty-minute sessions together to help you reevaluate and tackle your top stressors in order to make space for those things that matter most.

And we’ll start dreaming of your ideal life and how to take small, and then even bigger, steps to bring pieces of it into today.

Let’s find ways that work best for YOU to navigate life with more meaning.


If you have a highly specific – and time-sensitive – topic that simply can’t wait until my waiting list clears… talk to me. I can often slide in Single Sessions – which last one hour, with no intake forms or prep work – even when I’m (almost) booked completely.


Contact me today to schedule a FREE 30-minute Discovery Session for us to start getting to know each other and decide where to go next.

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