What Is A Wayfinder?

By the time I pursued my Life Coaching Certification, I had been “shopping” several programs over the course of a few years.
They all sounded exciting, but none really resonated. Something in my body kept me from submitting my application.
That was until I learned about Wayfinder Life Coach Training with Martha Beck. I had heard of Martha and followed her on Instagram – which is where I first heard about the program.
I immediately contated Martha Beck, International and was on the phone with one of the senior instructors within the week. By the next week, I had applied and was on my path to Wayfinding.
There are many Life Coach training programs out there. I’m not saying they aren’t good. How could I know? In fact, I know fellow coaches who I admire who trained elsewhere can vouch for their program. I just knew Wayfinding was for me the instant I read about it….my thinking mind just needed some extra time to commit.
As a Wayfinder Life Coach, I follow Eight Core Principles:
1. Maintain integrity of body, heart, mind, and spirit.
– The TAO (Transparent, Authenic and Open) of coaching
– Enlightenment tastes like freedom.
2. Live it to give it.
3. Respect the inherent equality of all individuals.
4. Show up to give attention, not to get attention.
5. Be the window, not the light.
6. Exist in “perpectual creative response to whatever is present.” (Yogi Amrit Desai)
7. Hold untroubled space for your client.
8. Focus coaching on subtracting, not adding.
I recently reread Martha’s description of what a Wayfinder is and would like to share it with you:

There is a type of person known in every human tradition on earth—except ours—as a source of wisdom, guidance, healing, and insight. These individuals—even in wildly different cultures—always share an unusual set of skills. They are the tribe’s healers, psychologists, spiritual leaders, animal behaviorists, naturalists, doctors, mystics, storytellers, artists, and more. In some cultures, these multifaceted individuals are called “medicine people.” In other parts of the world, their names are translated into English as “shamans.”

I call them Wayfinders. (Martha Beck)

I invite you to see if Wayfinder Life Coaching is right for you.
Contact me today for a free Discovery Session so we can talk.

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