Life Coaching is…

For those of you who wonder what Life Coaching is, here’s an explanation (see below) offered by my teacher, Martha Beck.

I like to think that I’m here for my clients to explore how their life could be better.

Perhaps by talking through a recent frustration and coming away with small actionable steps in order to feel better.

Perhaps it’s by using metaphors to allow for space while exploring an issue at hand.

Perhaps it’s through Financial Coaching to walk away with a clear picture of your finances, while linking your spending habits with your values and exploring money scripts you heard as a child.

Perhaps it’s doing The Work by Byron Katie to explore a limiting belief and discovering a way to put space between you and it.

Perhaps it’s tapping into the wisdom of your body in order to make authentic decisions, both big and small.

Perhaps it’s to get help as you face a major life transition such as an international move , a new baby or a job shift.

Life Coaching is an amazing gift that can truly change lives.

Why not consider it for you or a loved one as we embark on 2022?


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