Focus your time and energy on the things that matter most and less on those that don’t.

Not sure what matters most anymore? Let’s start there.

Then we can tackle your energy-depleting distractions and streamline your “adulting” obligations, too.

And let’s throw in some fun and inspiration while we’re at it!

I’m here for you with one-on-one and group support as you Rethink the Patterns in your life so you can bring meaning and intention to your schedule, space and relationships and feel more satisfied and less overwhelmed.

I’ve spent a lifetime learning from the best which I’m excited to share with you!

What to Expect


Behind every decision, whether conscious or not, lies underlying values.

Let’s identify what’s most important to you so we know where to head.

It’s like setting the GPS for our journey.


Ready to spend Sunday evening excited about the week ahead? Want to stop saying yes to others when you gut instinct is telling you no? Tired of constantlly tidying your house because it’s too difficult to let things go? Dreaming about a life that lets you play more?

You deserve a life filled with more ease and wonder.

We’ll ID your top stressor and goals and start from there.

You’ll be amazed at how meaningful your life will become.


Rome wasn’t built in a day. And progress can take time.

We’ll break things down into small, easy-peasy steps to pick up the momentum. And then come back to see where you are and where to go next.

Some clients have very specific needs that can be tackled during a call or two. Others like coaching so much they’ve been with me for years.

You decide how juicy you want your life to be. And we’ll get you there.


Throughout our time together, we’ll stop and smell the roses. Or extra time (does that even smell?). Or new adventures. Or extra space for new things to come.

You get the picture!

What People Are Saying

Shannon is masterful at helping people through transitions.

Gina C. – France

Shannon helped me prioritize what was most important to me and to sort out how to balance my passion projects with my day-to-day responsibilities.

Liz H. – USA

Shannon helped me balance logistics with emotions and find a clear path through the complexity.

Sarah M. – USA

After our sessions I feel I can fly!

Johanna L. – Finland


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